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After your kitchen sink plumbing, your toilet is the most commonly used plumbing fixture in the house. It is also the one fixture you want working correctly all the time. Over time with constant use, parts and seals will begin to wear then fail. This is when you should call the expert team at Vital Flow Plumbing Services.

There are so many makes, models and different mechanisms in all these toilets that having an experienced plumbing technician to repair your toilet can save headaches and money. With over 15 years experience we have come across most of the issues that can occur with toilet plumbing and if we haven’t, we have the resources to find out exactly how to repair the problem.

Manly toilet repair warning signs-

  • Blocked toilet.
  • Clogged toilet.
  • Leaking toilets or overflowing
  • Toilets that won’t flush.
  • Noisy toilets.
  • Sewer issues.
  • Water constantly running into the bowl.
  • Cisterns not filling fast enough.
  • Toilets not flushing correctly.
  • Cisterns that are noisy when filling.
  • Water dripping onto the floor from the cistern.
  • Water dripping onto the floor when flushed.
  • Water leaking from under the toilet.


Vital Flow Plumbing Services have Manly licensed plumbers and we can –

  • Repair major leaks, where dripping or hushing noises are coming from the cistern.
  • Fix external leaks like in the ceramic pan or any rubber seals.
  • Reinstate you toilets full flushing where it has stopped working altogether or functioning in an incomplete manner.
  • Stop low intensity leaks that may be silent, from the cistern into the bowl.
  • Replace your toilet if the structure is broken and is beyond any plumbing repairs.
  • Give you expert advice on you toilets service options or replacement.

Maybe you are looking to repair a leaking toilet or to replace a tired old toilet with a new modern toilet suite or freshen the look of your bathroom, or just replace an old single flush cistern with a water efficient dual flush toilet? Call our Manly toilet Installers now.

Our Licensed Vital Flow Plumbing services toilet plumbers come to your home with a fully equipped vehicle that have all the essential tools and materials to get your toilet repaired on the spot. If your toilet is not repairable and requires a new installation our Manly plumbers can remove your existing toilet and replace it with a new toilet of your choice. We have a list of complete toilet suites of all major brands – All you have to do is simply select the toilet suite you like and we will install it for you replacing your old toilet suite instantly on the same day.

Whenever you need our service in Manly call us right away and we will promptly arrive when a time suits you with an exceptional toilet installation service.


Toilet repairs can come with a lot of moving parts and where there are moving parts, there’s maintenance. Chances are if you’re having problems with your toilet, there’s a solution that can be applied to get it running normally again. The majority of toilets repairs that our licensed Plumbers come across is effortless, have quick repairs and is done economically in a fast and timely manner. In the odd chance that there is NOT a repairable option, Vital Flow plumbing Services can provide you with an upfront, honest quotation to replace your existing toilet.

Like most plumbing issues, knowing what to look for is key in repairing leaking toilets. All too often our Manly toilet plumber come across scenarios where incorrect, or incomplete toilet repairs have been made that only solve a part of the problem and our same day repairs are needed. Whenever you need our services in Manly , call us right away and we’ll be right there at your household in a fast and timely manner for all your toilet repairs.

For an emergency toilet repair or toilet leaks in Manly call us on 0478142669 immediately and we will send one of our expert and certified plumbers (with a fully-equipped vehicle) to your home at the earliest convenience to solve your plumbing problem!

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