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You can rest assured at Vital Flow Plumbing Services all our technicians are fully certified and licensed gas plumbers, trained to follow the correct safety and operating procedures of appliance installations and maintenance. We will complete your gas job safely and professionally, drawing upon a wealth of experience in gas plumbing.

Manly Gas leaks, services and fitting are a potentially dangerous job and these services should always be carried out by a professional licensed gas fitter. Our Manly plumbers and gas fitters are the gas fitting professionals that are well trained, highly experienced and guarantee any job will be completed according to schedule and regulatory compliance standards. We have our long established reputation for professionalism and quality Gasfitting in Manly.

Vital Flow Plumbing Services is your first choice for safe reliable plumbing services, gas fitting and gas installations in Manly and the Central Coast. When we practice our Gas fitting work we ensure that all appliances and connections are safe to use and do not pose a danger to you or the community. If you are using LPG or Natural gas or in any other form in your home or business.

If you have a gas log fire that needs installation or you may be experiencing a gas leak, if have an emergency plumbing issue and need the services of a licensed Gas fitter in Manly call Vital Flow Plumbing Services today.

Manly Gas Fitting Services Include

  • Gas leak detection and repairs
  • Gas wood fires place installations
  • Gas flues and chimney installations
  • Gas appliance installation
  • Stove installations
  • Manly BBQ galore preferred gas installer
  • Converting BBQs from LPG to natural (mains) gas
  • Gas pipe installations and renewals
  • Installation and relocating of gas meters
  • Gas hot water installation and repairs
  • Gas fitting
  • Gas log fire place installations
  • Connection inspection and appliance services
  • Bayonet installations
  • Line renewals


  • Cooking

If you’ve ever cooked with Manly gas, you’ll no doubt be well aware of how brilliant it is in comparison to cooking with electricity. Any serious kitchen (both commercial and domestic), anywhere in Australia will use gas over electricity. At Vital Flow Plumbing Services, we can install Manly Gas plumbing to deliver a consistent, reliable heat that has immediate temperature control. It is just absolutely brilliant to work with in the home kitchen.

  • BBQ

Let’s face it, Manly Australia is world renowned for BBQ’s. Manly Syders will  BBQ in just about any season, under any circumstance and Natural Gas BBQ’s make cooking outside in those colder months a much easier decision as they ignite immediately and don’t require coal, or charcoal. Vital Flow Plumbing Services can install an external gas point for you that’s entirely dedicated to your BBQ. Our Highly experienced Gas fitters can also convert your Old Gas L.P.G BBQ’s to a new Natural Gas BBQ with ease.

  • Heating

Manly Gas heating is both economical and efficient. It uses very little electricity, which keeps costs down and gas heating appliances typically come with a very high energy rating, which means that in most cases the environment and your bank balance is in a better position.

There are various types of gas heating available in Manly and are designed to suit every scenario for your needs ‘Room Heaters’ are portable and can be moved between rooms, “Space & Wall Furnace” heaters are designed to heat specific areas of the house, ”Wood fire or gas log fire places” are becoming very popular! They are great to look at and can heat most of house very self economically and of course then there’s “Central Heating”, which is designed to heat entire homes and  office spaces. Vital Flow Plumbing Services gas fitters can also have a gas heater Installed outside for you. It will enable you to utilise your outdoor entertaining areas all year round and keep that Webber burning any time of the night!

  • Gas Hot Water

Manly Gas hot water heaters are fast heating and constant. They are available in storage heaters & instantaneous heaters and often they will use a combination of fuel sources, for example; Gas/Solar; Gas/Electric; Gas/Heat Pump; Gas/Hydronic Heating. That may sound overwhelming, however fear not. Vital Flow Plumbing Services will help you choose the right solution to your gas fitting.

  • Pool Heating

If you’re wanting to maintain the temperature of your pool year round, gas can be a fantastic option. In some months, solar heated pools lack one critical element…sun. Gas heating doesn’t require sun, so it’s more reliable year round. Also, like domestic gas hot water, gas pool heaters are also available in many of the combinations previously mentioned, which save on gas consumption.


Gas appliances are designed to only operate on one of these types of gas supply. It is very important that you know what type of gas supply is used in your home before you buy any gas appliance.

In Nsw there are a number of types of gas available to consumers;

  • Natural gas,
  • Liquid petroleum gas (LPG), generally available in re-fillable cylinders for home, boat, caravan and portable appliances such as a BBQ.
  • Butane and tempered LPG, depending where you live.

All gas appliances must be tested, certified and appropriately labelled before they can be sold and installed in NSW. Appliances are tested for compliance against certain criteria which include safety, combustion, efficiency, durability, and serviceability. Gas fitting in Manly has many components such as controls, cocks, valves, regulators etc, they also must be certified if they are to be incorporated into an appliance or used in a gas fitting installation.

Your gas services are Important so whether you are looking to install a new gas meter or Gas service on your property, can smell gas and suspect a gas leak, or need some advice we have fast, affordable, professional, reliable experienced gas plumbers providing solutions for all your gas needs. Call the local friendly Gas fitting team at Vital Flow Plumbing Services today.


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