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Vital Flow Plumbing Services is a genuine honest local North Shore Sydney family run business. Not a franchise!! We have been providing quality maintenance services to Sydney residents since 2002 and have extensive knowledge on all plumbing aspects. We have expanded our services right up to the of Sydney and have an established office in Hornsby, Lane Cove and Gosford.

Prior to establishing the business, founder Tristan Melville, gained vast experience in residential maintenance as well as large-scale constructions projects. Tristan grew up around Hornsby in and around the Northern suburbs areas of Sydney and also around the Northern beaches. After several years servicing & working In these areas he decided to travel overseas to further his knowledge and use his plumbing skills to his advantage. He started working for and managed a large maintenance company based in England for 4 years.

During his years as a plumber in Sydney and overseas Tristan gained huge amounts of experience in the Domestic service maintenance sector. On his return home to Australia- Sydney it had grown exclusively larger then any other state in the country and Tristan couldn’t help but notice an increasing further number of Sydney residents experiencing problems with their sewers, stormwater pipes and all sorts of other domestic maintenance issues – Many of the plumbing systems in Sydney are extremely old especially the water pipes and drains. The original pipes that comprise Sydney’s underground plumbing network are made from clay or steel or thin copper.

These older pipes are prone to hairline cracks, corrosion and tree root intrusion, which inevitably lead to blocked drains and water leaks. While it is now common Australian practice to use drain pipes made from durable PVC plastic, and water pipes made from a more developed sturdier material the legacy of Sydney’s ageing plumbing system had been set in place and continues to affect home owners.

Tristan identified this ageing Sydney plumbing system and that there was a need in the market for a Sydney plumbing business specialising exclusively in drainage and all domestic maintenance. He established Vital Flow Plumbing Services so he could provide Sydney residents with an honest and expert drainage and plumbing solution everytime – Delivered at an affordable price!

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  • Australia Contenent
    Australian owned
    A family owned & operated Australian business
  • Upfront Pricing
    Upfront Pricing
    Full price with no hidden fees
  • Clean And Tidy
    Clean & Tidy
    We always leave it clean & safe
  • Emergency Response
    Emergency Response
    Our tradesman are ready 24/7
  • Latest Technology
    Latest Technology
    Saves you time and money
  • Pensioner Discounts
    Pensioner Discounts
    Discounts and competitive rates


As a small, family run business Vital Flow Plumbing Services relies on word-of-mouth referrals and repeat business from our customers. We aim to build lasting relationships by delivering honest advice, fair prices and plumbing solutions that meet your specific needs. In fact at Vital Flow Plumbing Services we boast a return rate of business of up to 90%.

Our loyal customers want our genuine local experienced Plumbers back time and time again. We are not a franchise and we strongly believe in transparent pricing and offering genuine choices for each job, so you, the customer, fully understand the situation and can select the right solution for your needs. We take great pride in all our work – Call us and you we will have a genuine discussion with an experienced plumber.

We will find a solution for you over the phone and your plumbing problem will be answered. It wont be just someone’s secretary answering calls such as how a franchise may operate. We are a genuine company and care about our customers. Every single job is about quality not quantity and we promise you will never feel like just another number.


Your house hold plumbing issues become our priority. Our licensed and experienced plumbers specialise in all domestic house plumbing in Sydney. We understand that blocked drains and water leaks can be problematic thanks to an abundance of tree roots,ground movements as well as older houses and old pipes in Sydney. We aim to make your Domestic house plumbing issues get resolved as simple and as quickly as possible.

Our plumbers are fully trained and qualified to assess all your domestic plumbing needs. We give you the best advice on the condition of your pipes, and recommendations for the best possible solutions. We have been able to invest in the best drain cleaning and pipe locating technology available on the market. We can resolve the smallest domestic blockage in Sydney right through to large scale sewer and stormwater excavations, install a hot water heater,hook up your gas heating or locate a concealed water leak.

Armed with our cutting edge technology and extensive Domestic plumbing experience we will always find,clear,install or fix your plumbing problem and provide a solution – every time.


We are fully Insured in the Engineering, Building and construction trade for a liability of 20,000,000. It is a legal requirement that only a licensed plumber can carry out drainage inspections and plumbing works. With the potential dangers and costs associated with all general plumbing – water pressure,gas fitting and blocked drains means you should never risk using an amateur plumber.

When you call Vital Flow Plumbing Services you can rest assured that a licensed tradesman who is fully qualified, Licensed and insured to perform any type of plumbing work from drainage, gas fitting right through to roofing plumbing work will be sent to your home. Not only will they safely and effectively repair the leak, clear the blockage or install your plumbing, they can also provide advice on preventing future problems which can save you money down the track.


WARNING – Many plumbing companies in Sydney offer very low prices for clearing blocked drains and other discounts for plumbing work that are designed to lure in customers. However, if you look closely at these advertisements there is always fine print and conditions that apply. Often with these types of companies they will not even give you there base hourly rate over the phone as to how they will price up your job!!!!

CUSTOMER BEWARE- These companies are dishonest! They will arrive at your home and asses what type of person you are – How nice your house looks how much your car is worth and how much money they think you have and offer you a price based on how much they think they can get away with charging you-Not actually based on how much the actual job is worth!

Over inflated ridiculous prices for plumbing works to be done is NOT what Vital Flow Plumbing Services are about!! Vital Flow Plumbing Services doesn’t use sales gimmicks. We prefer to be honest and transparent about the work we do. We offer genuine pensioner discounts and we will tell you straight up our hourly rate on the phone, how much your job will cost and how long it will take. Our plumbers will provide you with an honest and upfront quote that’s fair and based on the actual work to be done not the person its to be done for. There are no surprices with our fees!

This means you won’t be stung with hidden fees and extra charges when we send through your final invoice. As well as great workmanship and same day service the genuine transparent upfront pricing system that we use is exactly what our loyal customers know and respect about Vital Flow Plumbing Services that we are affordable as well as professional and this is why they keep using us time and time again.


Vital Flow Plumbing Services values your time and we endeavour to work around your schedule wherever possible. Once your job is booked in, our Sydney plumber guarantees to arrive on time. On the rare occasion that a job runs overtime, we will give you a courtesy call so you’re not left waiting and wondering where we are.


When developing our Australian owned and operated plumbing business model, we put ourselves in our customers shoes to work out what a customer really wants.

We believe that these are the basics of any local plumbing service, which is why we find them easy to provide to you. These basics have created the solid reputation that Vital Flow Plumbing Services proudly carry and our plumbers continue to operate in the following way;

  • A plumber who turns up to your home when he says he will looking neat and tidy.
  • A plumber who is friendly and courteous and really listens to your needs.
  • A plumber who gets the job done with minimal mess and fuss leaving your house clean and tidy.
  • A plumber who is experienced and you are happy to have back at your home and feel confident to refer to family and friends.
  • A plumber who uses cutting edge technology to save you time and money.
  • A prompt emergency plumber who is fully qualified, insured, trustworthy and reliable.
  • A plumber who has a vehicle that’s fully equipped with tools and the correct parts to get the job done straight away or at your convenience.
  • A plumber who is experienced and you are happy to have back at your home and feel confident to refer to family and friends.

  • A plumber who is educated, understands and trained in OH&S procedures.
  • A plumber that is Friendly, fast, experienced and has a passion for their work
  • A plumber who leaves your space clean and tidy, you won’t even know we’ve been
  • A Plumber who turns up when he says he will, you won’t be left waiting
  • A plumber who Fixes your plumbing right the first time guaranteed, or we will fix it for free
  • A plumber with More than 15 years experience, there is no job too big or too small
  • A plumber who answers your phone call
  • A plumber who can talk you through your emergency plumbing issue until our help arrives or to save you that after hours service call.




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